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Add: No.2086 Ningheng South Road,
Hengxi Town, Yinzhou , Ningbo,
Zhejiang ,China

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  Our company “Long Xing”is established in 1992, has more than 500 employees now.  It covers a total area of 40,500 square meters, owning a brand-new modern manufactory, equipping with a large-scale and new type of energy-saving & environment-friendly production line and heat treatment equipments, and possessing complete and advanced CNC machining equipments and top advanced test facilities, fully able to ensure to our customers for the supply of the high precise finished products.
Our products are widely applied and almost covered all applicable fields, mainly including trains and railways, engineering machinery, automotives and trucks, ships, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, valve and pumps, mechanical and electrical , hardware, power equipments and so on. We produce more than 100 types of carbon steel and low alloy steel and more than 3,000 kinds of products, proficient in performing various countries’ industrial standards. 
  The company is implementing the modern enterprise management mode, carrying through the information-based management which mainly based on the ERP system and making efforts to achieve administrant standardization, routinization, and institutionalization. It is executing completely the ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management systems inner the company and adding with other advanced management modes, such as 6S, performance management, lean production management and six sigma etc, making best efforts to increase the added value to be the products’ core competitiveness, and establish the company on the high quality and hign-end markets. Except for domestic sales, our products are mainly exported to foreign markets, which including over 30 countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, etc. And has business cooperation with 10 more companies who are the World’s Top 500 enterprises.

  Acting on the working-style of “honesty and practicalness, persevering unremittingly, struggling and exceeding”, we sincerely welcome the global buyers to pay visit to our company.

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